First Trimester Essentials

First Trimester Essentials

As anyone who is or has been pregnant knows, the first Trimester can be a doozy. I spent the first few weeks pregnant feeling off, not knowing what was up- until the two pink lines confirmed I wasn’t crazy– I was pregnant. I felt pretty much ok, aside from some boob soreness and mild cramping, so I thought it was going to be an easy ride.

Then six weeks hit. It seemed as though as soon as five weeks was up, the nausea arrived. They (whoever they is) say nausea generally starts around weeks 6-8, and lasts until around week 12-14. I was fortunate enough to only have to bear about a weeks’ worth of I refuse to eat anything everything makes me sick please universe let this be over soon.  From there it was just waves of nausea, on and off. A lot of waves.

I quickly learnt Vitamin B6 did nothing, my daily Magnesium seemed to help and I’m sure the tea I bought would have done wonders- if it hadn’t smelled disgusting to me.  I learnt to STAY AWAY from any food that made me remotely queasy, and just DO NOT even try to force myself to eat something that seemed a little gross. Nausea. For HOURS. Not fun. I also learned to give into my cravings. If I wanted it, my body could tolerate it. So I ate it.

Of course, through all of this not wanting to eat much I still wanted to keep my nutrition high so along with taking my vitamins, I did my best to eat nutrient-rich foods, while sticking to things that didn’t make me want to toss my cookies (Well, crackers. Anything sweet sounded gross for about the first 8 weeks). Here are a few things that got me through the first twelve nerve-wracking, nauseated, sleep-deprived, only-want-to-eat-macaroni-and-cheese weeks.

  1. Zevia, oh, sweet Zevia. I mentioned above I didn’t like anything sweet. Well, that is true except for Zevia and my beloved lemonade (more on that, soon). Zevia is soda sweetened with Stevia, a natural no-calorie sweetener made from plants. Stevia has been proven completely safe during pregnancy, though I do try and moderate the amount because it hasn’t been around all that long. I mostly get it in Zevia, which, when drank slowly through a straw, worked wonders for my upset belly.
  2. Hard-cooked eggs. My #1 protein source during the first tri. I ate at least two a day. Always organic + free range, of course. I LOVE eggs. But scrambled eggs grossed me out so I stuck to hard-cooked, because I couldn’t have the deliciously creamy runny yolks of my favorite poached eggs. Still disappointed about that.
  3. Snap Pea Crisps. My snack of choice. I craved SALTY like crazy. Crunch + Salt. These little guys gave me that, and a bit of B-vitamins as well, since they are simply air-dried peas with a little oil, rice flour and sea salt. I could eat a bag of these a day. Good thing they’re inexpensive!
  4. Mac and Cheese. Yes, sometimes I went for the Organic wheat stuff, too. Though I have had gluten-intolerance issues in the past, I have not been totally gluten-free throughout my early pregnancy, but I try to stay g-free when I can. Gluten seems to have no effect on me, digestive or otherwise, thus far. Macaroni and Cheese has been my #1 craving, all the way through and I don’t see it letting up anytime soon! I do make my own, with organic milk + cheese, but on very sick days, for convenience sake, I go for Annies.
  5. LEMONADE. My #2 craving. I love lemonade on occasion in the summer, but Im not a huge fruit juice or lemonade drinker, in general. Though in my pregnancy, that’s another story. I wasn’t eating really any sweets at all (even fruit) for the first few months, so I didn’t worry too much about a glass a day. Funny Story: I once made my husband drive me to the store around 9 at night because I had a SERIOUS craving- and low and behold, it was ON SALE. I grabbed as many bottles as I could and did a happy dance. He let me buy two. I smiled all night.
  6. Relaxing music. This, my friends, is my favorite CD of all time. I love me some Ray Lamontagne. It was hard to rest at times, as I was anxious and excited, but listening to Ray helped me sleep on multiple occasions, and just calmed me down in general.
  7. WATER. In my BPA-free glass Lifefactory bottle, of course. The more water I drink, the less nausea. Plus your needs are increased like a million during pregnancy- win-win.
  8. Morning Wellness Tea. Sometimes this smelled gross to me. So I didn’t drink it. When it smelled nice, it was a lovely addition to my morning routine and definitely took an edge off of the morning nausea spike.
  9. Chimes Ginger Chews. These are my favorite ginger chew variety, and they were great on-the-go when nausea hit. The little metal tin is cute to pull out of your purse, too.
  10. Earth Mama Body Butter. Never too early to start stretch mark prevention, right? I love this all-natural body butter. No chemicals, a very light, natural scent and it dries quickly and feels great on. No stretch marks to speak of, aside from the old ones from being a tiny pre-teen. Of course I’m still early on, so I’ll keep reporting on this one.

So that is my list, friends! The essentials that got me through the first 12 weeks. What are (were) your first trimester essentials?  


  1. Marie-Sophie says:

    Hey Kristin, since I am newly pregnant (just entered week 7!) I loved coming back to all your pregnancy blog posts! So good! Nausea hit me right on the dot at the start of week 6 (while I was fighting a nasty viral infection so THAT was fun…). Since I have a 4 hour commute each day to work (2 hours to work and 2 hours back) I HAD to come up with something. Even though my fiancé thinks I am crazy when I ask him to buy me different things every other day, it is the only Thing that works: eat a Little something every 1 – 1,5 hours and (yey, you are so right) ONLY things that I think sounds good. Unfortunately salt&vinegar Chips are the most effective but I try to sneak in a few healthy things that sounds tolerable (right now it’s carrot sticks, Baby tomatoes, clementines and blueberries). I would have never thought that the first Trimester would be such an intense time! Thanks again for writing all These awesome posts, Kristin and a big hello from Germany! (by the way, I found you via Gillian’s blog :-))

    • Hi Marie, I’m so glad you are enjoying my pregnancy posts! I love that my posts are able to offer some experience + advice to other preggo ladies. It sounds like you are doing very well thus far :) Have a happy, healthy pregnancy!

  2. Hey there I know this post is old but I am 6 weeks in NEW :) I am most a primal paleo gal and this whole chicken makes me want to barf thing is weird. I feel guilty all I want is gluten free pasta! I have a question. My tummy hurt so bad the other day I had indigestion and so I used some of the Digestzen oils. I sell Doterra as well. I was nervous about it but it made me feel better instantly. What do you think about this. :)

    • Kristin says:

      Hi Amanda,

      Congrats! I know- cravings and aversions are so strange!! I tend to recommend avoiding ingesting most essential oils during pregnancy; as they can be very potent- however Digestzen is very safe; none of the oils are contraindicated for pregnancy. I would stick to 1-3 drops, though! I used essential oils throughout my pregnancy I just made sure to dilute them or use them sparingly. A little goes a lot way with pure EOs like doTERRA, I’m sure you know!


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