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Natural Baby

Doctor giving a child an intramuscular injection in arm, shallow DOF

Vaccine talk: Pros + Cons

This is part 2 of my three-part Vaccine Talk series. If you missed it, here is Part One: Considering your Options. As I relayed in my last post, I am not for or against vaccines. I am for CHOICE when it comes to medical decisions within your family. So in this post, I thought I […]

Natural Mama

Bottles of milk

Natural Remedies: Low Milk Supply

Nearly every breastfeeding mother has wondered, at least once, am I producing enough milk?. It is a concern that even I have had in recent weeks with a slight change in diet. Low milk supply is uncommon, though very real. And if you think your supply is dwindling, I’m sure you are looking to boost it […]

Natural Life


Mama Chat: Macchiato, and myself.

Last night I painted my nails a bright coral while I giggled with my husband at videos by Daily Grace. This morning I did my hair, swiped on some lipstick, kissed baby girl goodbye and drove, playing one of my favorite CDs loudly as I sang along, cruising down the road… to Starbucks. I ordered […]

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